“Reflective thinking turns experience into insight” (John C Maxwell)

It’s not often we get the chance, but this Holiday period could offer the opportunity most of us need. To reflect. On the year almost gone, and the year to come.

The past: What has the last 12 months given us in terms of insights and opportunities?
–       What was our starting point, what goals (if any) did we set ourselves, and where did we end up?

–       What opportunities saw the light, and what were the highlights?

–       What did we achieve? Rather than rushing past our achievements in the name of chasing the next, allow yourself a moment to stop and see what you actually have accomplished, both professionally and personally.

–       Learn your lessons: What situations can we learn from? What skills or know-how do we need to acquire or develop in order to succeed next time?

–       Gratitude: I invite you to open up one more page in your journal and write down all the things you are grateful for over the last year. Gratitude is the single most powerful tool that will help you appreciate the past year!

Next year: where do you want to go from here…?
The above exercise might give you some unexpected insights of what the most important goal/s should be for next year… 😊

Also…. Research published in 2014 by Harvard University shows that employees performed 23% better after only 10 days of practicing reflection at the end of their working day! So maybe more time for reflection should be added to your 2022 routine…

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!