I do not feel I have the time to do everything in my daily life, let alone taking the time out to do this 3 month program.

This is about you, and fitting this into your lifestyle should not be a hassle. Three months sounds like a huge commitment timewise, but time is not the biggest commitment here. It is what you do to honor yourself in terms of keeping to the journey that is the real commitment. There are ‘only’ approximately 6 coaching sessions (6x60mins) held over 3 months, either in person, virtual meeting or over the phone. I will make the effort to make it as convenient as possible for you.

Your commitments around the lifestyle part, are either done digitally, or done by you alone or with a trained expert, always with your needs and schedule in mind. The goal is always to make the journey as smooth as possible, but with the wanted result.

Are the programs fixed to 3 months?

No, we will fit the program to suit your needs. To make an impact it is however recommended that the period is around 3 months, but it also depends on what you wish to achieve. Contact us and we will find a solution which works for you!

What is typically included in a brain boosting program?

The program (length, and exact program points) will be tailored around your needs, but it would typically include 6 coaching sessions (2x60mins per month), in person, virtual meeting or over the phone, as well as life style changes based on an analysis. Some will be digital, others will be carried out by you alone, or with a trained expert. Convenience is key- we want to give you energy, not cause more stress!



I’m not sure exactly what my team needs. Can we figure it out together?

Of course, we will make an assessment and come up with a program which suits your team, based on their needs to ensure you get the required result.

I don’t see how we could possible fit more hours into their already crammed schedules

Think about the slightly longer term. The investment made now will pay off quickly. And when it comes to time; 2 coaching sessions are normally held per month (2x60mins), at a venue which is practicable for the person, virtually or over the phone. The lifestyle changes are also designed in such was as to fit into a busy lifestyle. Time has never been a hinderance for a client and we guarantee that each participant will feel that it is time well spend and more energized.

Retreat, coaching, sounds like 2 different approaches, how do I know what is needed?

We always start with an assessment of what your needs are; what you wish to achieve. Based on that a kickstart in the shape of a Retreat may be recommended. It is always the objectives that will drive the agenda. 

I would like to do a short program for my professional network

Or course, we can design a short program or a one-off for your network. Contact us and we will discuss what you wish to achieve.