On the bike, for hours on endless roads, legs pumping? Or on the morning run between misty trees? Feeling the full force of life flowing through your body. Out of sight from colleagues, family, pressure and musts…

Why is it that we often feel the most alive when we escape reality; the chores of the day, the responsibilities and the racing mind that never stops?

No wonder sports have become more extreme. We keep looking for ways to push our personal boundaries and find the limits of our capabilities. And maybe we also look for that space between exhaustion and pain – where we can find an almost trance like state. Where it is silent and we really feel ourselves.

Fully concentrated on the present moment. Where we are more in our bodies than in our minds/heads.

Meditation also gives you access to that state, amongst other things… As Ray Dalio (founder of Bridgewater) once put it: ‘it allows me to keep above the blizzard’. I couldn’t agree more, and I can’t recommend it enough…:-)