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Do you want to take your team to the next level?
Make your talent more stress tolerant and improve their capacity for creativity and focus.

We work hard and with ever increasing complexities. Stress symptoms is an ever-present companion for many. There seems to be less time to recharge. If your talent do not have the capacity and inner balance, getting “out of balance” is far too easy.

While the individual is paying a significant personal price of lack of motivation and possibly unhappiness, it is the entire organization that ends up with dysfunctional teams, cost of stress leave and often expensive replacements. This easily sums up to millions spent per individual, but it also has a negative cultural impact on the rest of team.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our coaching programs and retreats are the beginning of a new and healthier way, both for the individual but also often for the entire organizational culture. The two are intrinsically connected, but we start the positive momentum at the individual or team level.

“Your bottom line will be improved by healthy, more focused, creative and more motivated individuals.”

If you want to improve your high performance culture, if you want to attract more talent, then you need to think about how sustainable your culture is today.

Reduce stress related leave & costs
Maintain and improve your high performance culture
Attract high performers through a more sustainable culture
‘Recession proof’ your talent by increasing their stress tolerance

How can I help you?

1:1 Executive/ Founder Coaching

Leadership Team Workshop & Coaching

Speeches & Inspiration

Mentorship Program


In what way is this method different?

Ekvilum offers program where ‘peak performance’ is at the core. It is the result of the positive reinforcement of the three areas.

Personal & Interpersonal Leadership
You can’t get yourself or others/your team to perform, unless you have the foundation of leading yourself.
 Watch a short video about leadership here.

Mental fitness
What makes us stand apart and recover from crises and setbacks is our mind; our mindset and mental stamina. Watch a short video about mental fitness here.

Brain boosting
What drains your energy, what gives you energy, how do you find inspiration, creativity and focus. Does your lifestyle promote and support your ambitions? Watch a short video about brain boosting here.

Why a retreat?

Being away from ‘normal’ life with all its disruptions, allows for a different focus and a ‘kick-start’. The full program also contains coaching and follow ups for a lasting result.

We have partnered up with some of the most prominent experts in Denmark, to ensure your organization or team can up their game.

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