1:1 Executive/ Founder Coaching


For executives, or the people on their teams, a professional executive coach can make all the difference with profound effect on the executives themselves, the teams that report to them, and the effectiveness of the whole organization.

Focus areas typically include performance, role transitions, inclusive leadership, mindset training, relationship management and overall wellbeing.


Personal and Interpersonal Leadership Assessment (typically Hogan*, Positive Intelligence or a private 360-degree review) followed by coaching sessions (approx. 2 sessions/month for 6m).

Can be combined with the Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Leadership Team Workshop & Coaching


Build and support high-performing individuals & teams.

Improve your performance and culture through coaching, learning & insights. Make your Leadership team perform and work in a more efficient manner through improved trust and Psychological Safety, by growing leadership skills including conflict handling and team awareness.


the program typically start with a workshop to “kick-start” the process, followed by coaching sessions.

Can be combined with the Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Speeches & Inspiration


Does your company, team or Network need a boost? I do speeches and inspirational talks on topics such as: ‘Performing in a sustainable manner’, ‘how to influence others and get the outcome you are looking for’, ‘how women rise’, ‘dysfunctional teams’, ‘take control of your mind’ etc.


Online webinar or on site presentation. 1,5h are typically a good length and my talks are always interactive and energizing!

Mentorship Program


My mentees are often women in finance and fintech founders. I sometimes combine 1:1 sessions with group sessions for extra impact and “learning by sharing”.


Individual sessions offering a mix of Mentoring, Coaching and Learning to achieve the best result, designed to fit the need of the person.



My Retreats are for leaders and executive teams. Being away from ‘normal’ life with all its disruptions, allows for a different focus and a ‘kick-start’. The focus is on personal leadership, reconnecting with one self, improving focus, creativity and overall wellbeing.


3,5 days in beautiful Österlen, southern Sweden.


What my clients say

I was lucky to go through the Positive Intelligence program with Ekvilum. I love that you start the journey by understanding yourself in a way you’ve never explored yourself. We then used this insight to learn and practice powerful, positive mindset techniques for life experiences.

It’s left me with less stress in managing day to day challenges at work and personally, greater empathy for those around me and exploring problems with new eyes.

- Premilla Stampe, VP Entrepreneur in Residence, Citi Ventures

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Ellinor for over half a year now, which has been a great experience, not only in helping me to identify, frame and clarify key personal development objectives but also offering practical tools, techniques and suggestions to achieve them. Ellinor has created a trustworthy and inspiring coaching environment whilst being focused on the specifics of my role in our leadership team and how I can improve. She is insightful and able to analyze the key issues by listening to what was being said, as well as unsaid. As a result, I have been able to pinpoint areas for change, think through different approaches and how to take actionThe results have been evident both at work and in my personal life, so for everyone who wants a holistic approach to coaching, Ellinor is your go to!

- Niklas Adegnika, CEO & Co-founder @ Unify

We in KATLA Nordic had the pleasure to have Ellinor/Ekvilum to give a presentation for our network talking about how to lead and influence others.

The topic Ellinor covered was very relevant for the group and provided relatable and practical examples to reflect on and put in real life perspective. The session was engaging and active and Ellinor demonstrated her ability to involve participants while keeping the group interested and eager to listen in. Interactions with Ellinor in relation to the event were extremely smooth and comfortable - all in all great experience and session, which we highly recommend.

- Áslaug Gunnarsdottir, KATLA Nordic Network, and Market Risk Management Lead, Trading at Saxo Bank

At certain times in life we all have periods where we loose direction by making choices not based on our core values. Absorbed in day to day events and tasks, we forget to live according to our core values. 

Coaching sessions with Ellinor helped me reconnect with my core values and within a few weeks this allowed me to prioritise my time and effort based on my core values and as a result realize major targets I had been postponing for several years.

I was impressed by the coaching sessions which gave me self analysis and decision making skills which I now use to great effect both professionally and privately.

- Raymond Rugunda, IT Consultant

I can 100% recommend Ellinor & Ekvilum if you also want to improve your working & personal life.

She works with a great and practical method specifically targeting the high achievers to improve performance, ‘mental fitness’ and even work relationships. While I love my job, it is very demanding, and I struggled to feel energized at the end of the day to have a proper personal life. Together with Ellinor, I learned a lot about myself and others, as well as how to manage my energy, stress, and challenges. I now know what drains me and how to overcome this, which allowed me to become more productive. Ellinor is kind, really listens and helps you to develop tools to figure out concrete solutions.

- Nikki Reed, Senior Sustainability Specialist Calvin Klein

Jeg vil anbefale et coaching forløb hos Ellinor, hvis du vil nå dine mål og drømme i livet. Ellinor er som coach professionel, nærværende, lyttende og empatisk. Hun skaber en klar ramme for sessionerne, der gør at du trygt kan arbejde nysgerrigt og konstruktivt med at finde ny muligheder og handlinger. Hun er udfordrende og støttende i samtalen- og har samtidigt fokus på at sessionerne bliver afklarede, og at du får redskaber til at omsætte dine mål til handlinger. Jeg giver Ellinor mine bedste anbefalninger.

- Anja Holt, Projekleder for Sundhed på Socialområdet i Region Midtjylland

Ellinor er en fantastisk nærværende coach. Det har været tydeligt i vores sessioner at hun naturligt og helt oprigtigt har været nysgerrig på mig og mit liv. Hun udfordrer mig når hun ser noget, jeg ikke ser. Hun stiller spørgsmål når tingene er uklare. Ellinor coacher ikke bare udefra en fast struktur, men hun lytter til mig og følger samtalens behov. Hun fanger behovet, bevidstgør det og skaber en kraftfuld indsigt som jeg kan tage med mig ud ift min virksomhed og mit personlige liv. Kan klart anbefale Ellinor som coach- især hvis du er meget business minded!

- Simon Woetmann, Iværksætter

Ellinor helped me understand that in order to reach a high level of success you need to start investing in yourself. I know what I want in regards to the outcome of my work, but in order to get there she helped me figure out how to use my mindset to help achieve my goals.

She helped me understand how to build the tools from my own professional experience and guide me in a direction that suits my work life. Ellinor helped me to understand how to pinpoint the tools she gave me in order to be more efficient, less stressed and manage the daily challenges.

- Troels Burmølle, CTO & Co-founder @ Unify