What do you do today when you have a problem to resolve and feel stuck? How much do you listen to your intuition?

Napoleon Hill wrote about the different ways of stimulating the brain already back in 1935. The stimulus he mentioned were among others; love, desire, music, friendship, fear, narcotics and alcohol.

Personally, I opt for a run or a bike ride to get my ideas flowing! To just ‘sit and think’ tends to have the opposite effect and just blocks me.

Alcohol, can (as suggested in Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘Druk’ movie) be a good stimulant, as long as we can keep it to the magic level of 0.5 per mille.  That’s the tricky part, and it comes with other issues…

We can be much more deliberate in our creative process!
Albert Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Intuition is a subconscious process, which brings information, solutions, and understanding on how to proceed into the conscious mind.

So how can we tap into, and make use of our intuition and subconscious mind?

There are 3 steps to it:
1.     Think about the problem at hand. What is it you are trying to solve?

2.     Be clear about all the facts you have. What do you know; what are the facts and thinking to date?

3.     Ask yourself the very question again and then let your subconscious mind process it. How? By ‘just being’, by not thinking hard about it further. You can do a long meditation session, or you can go for a run- or something entirely different. Let your subconsciousness process it for you.

This is when some people are starting to look blank. But it actually works. Our subconsciousness is at play all the time, this is just a model of being more aware of it, and hence more receptive to the outcome. Something will be returned back to you. Either now, or after a few days. As a thought, a voice or an impulse. You can evolve the idea further and go through the cycle again, and of course use your rational mind to ‘test’ it.

That’s the power of disciplined intuition. Do your legwork, use your brain, share logical arguments and use your intuitive powers. 😊