Saying no to mediocre opportunities is easy. Saying no to good opportunities is hard.

I used to make long ‘to do’ lists. Today I put more emphasis on what not to do. What can I remove altogether, what can I delegate, what can I push…

Don’t allow your time be all about fighting fires or being hypnotized by new, dazzling projects… or you risk paying the price of never getting to what actually moves the bar.

Saying yes to something should make the future easier, not harder. The problem is that a yes tends to feel right at the moment. Perhaps we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, perhaps we feel awkward and forced to explain our no. But the cost of yes is often larger than “just that one meeting” or project. It means your time is not allocated to what really matters to you or your business.

It’s the same when we try to establish new habits or behaviors. We tend to focus on what we should do ‘in addition to’, or ‘instead of’, rather than letting go and stop doing! Stop multitasking, stop using words that diminishes your value and your achievements, stop deflecting praise…

We all have the same number of hours in a week. What makes a difference is how we use them.

Allow 2023 to be the year when you start scrutinizing how you use yours. 😊